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About us

We’re Passionate about our food


Our journey starts way back in 2016

Yam Yam Bubble Waffles combines two of our favourite things: bubble waffles and fried chicken.

The bubble waffles are inspired by our childhood holidays in Hong Kong and obsession for delicious food. Yam Yam Bubble Waffles started out as a little experiment in my grandmother’s café in Hong Kong. She was an amazing baker and taught me the principles of  “Love, Care and Quality” which I have adopted to my cooking. She called me Yam Yam when I was little because she thought I looked like a little potato lol, so in honour of her memory,  I’ve named our company “Yam Yam bubble waffles” . Our aim is to bring this delicious wafflelicious taste to the UK.

Part 2. How we came up with the best fried chicken in town. To be continued…